Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you swim in the tail?

A: Yes! Absolutely. It is being on land that is the hard part, but that is why I come with an assistant. I can swim around on top of the water, underneath, and give kids mermaid rides.


Q: What happens on the day?

A: My assistant and I will arrive 30 minutes prior to your booking. Before the day of your booking we will sort out the best way for me to get ready based on the location and logistics of the day - from here my assistant will carry me to where I need to be. My assistant can help me move around as needed out of the water, and will remove me at the end of the booking.


Q: What do you do with the kids?

A: Mostly swim around in the water with them. I answer many many questions, give mermaid rides and play games. I also come with books and things for colouring and drawing. I will mostly let the kids decide on when we change activities, but if there is something specific you want included, just let me know.


Q: Can you do corporate events?

A: Yes! If you have a pool, tank, or something else in mind for something other than a kids party - just let me know. I will work with you the best I can to find something to suit your needs.


Q: Can you do charity work for kids?

A: I can. Message me with your needs and I will try my best to work something out with you. In the event that I am unable to attend a charity event, I can always send personalised videos or even books with written messages in them. Get in touch!